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It features premium reed plates otherwise used only in the Meisterklasse model , a specially inscribed MS wooden comb and black laser printed covers. The Steven Tyler Signature Series harp is delivered in a attractive high-quality case. Sold as Key of A. Special new reed profiles for fast response and high volume even at an extremely low pitch. Patented triple laminated and layered bamboo comb construction. Conical lower cover design by noted harmonica-customizer Joe Filisco prevents reed rattle. Cover and plates fitted with Phillips head screws for easy maintenance. Hohner has manufactured and distributed musical instruments since , making it one of the world’s oldest musical instrument makers. During his career, Bob Dylan has won awards for his songwriting, performing, and recording, earning him eleven Grammys including a Lifetime Achievement Award , Kennedy Center Honors and an Academy Award.


I remember it clearly because it was the day I got my wisdom teeth out. Nice unit, pretty solid, decent sound. One relatively hot humbucker in the bridge position. Paint has chipped quite a bit. Cheap tremolo and bridge unit. Average This is a good beginner guitar.

Aria Pro II TA60WA This is a late model Aria Pro II TA60WA semi-acoustic, probably Korean-made in the early s. They’re not very valuable, but are very playable.

The company started to import the classic guitars. After that, they tried to export the Japanese made Classic guitars for overseas market. They started to import the Fender guitars and amplifiers from the US, although at that time the Japanese market was not quite ready for the electric guitar. In , they started to export the Japanese made electric guitars. It was a time Japanese first electric guitars booming. They added several new models with Aria Diamond brand.

Under Aria diamond brand, they started to make the Gibson type copy mainly full acoustic electric type. The time of guitar history was very slowly from The band booming was gone for a while. In , they are starting the Gibson and Fender copy to distributing the Japanese market.

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This is one of the most frustrating questions from the MIJ collector. People often make the mistake of citing the American or European importer as the ‘maker’ of the guitar, when in fact several Japanese manufacturers were producing badged guitars out of their plants and shipping them to America and Europe to sell. Japanese manufacturers made multiple badges at the same plant, many of whom resemble each other closely.

This thing is amazing. Made in , but presents as new, right down to its original case. This is a MINT Aria Pro II RBN lefthanded copy of a Rickenbacker® S, which the astute reader will realise was the model used by Paul McCartney in The Beatles.

Bang for buck Overall: For some incomprehensible reason, in the early 80s, Alembic sent pickups and perhaps electronics to Aria Pro to build their Alembic copy RS the had passive electronics, the had 18v electronics. The specs are identical to the Alembics of the time: Not sure why they decided to help Matsumoku out, but there it is. The main difference between the guitars was that the Aria had the wings for the neck thru design made of solid walnut or other wood, whereas Alembic had the wings veneered top and bottom with highly figured woods for a more deluxe appearance.

The inlays were very similar. The Rev Sound had a painted on logo vs the Alembic metal badge. I just got an RS in really nice shape and I’m definitely enjoying it. I”m waiting on an Alembic for a straight AB comparison, but from my 10 year old memories it sounds the same. Some have complained that the Alembic pickups sound sterile and cold, but I think I could live with them. The only problem is learning how the 3 position low pass filters sound in various combinations and positions.

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Japan First year of production by Matsumoku, the legend of Japanese guitar builders! I live in Japan, so maybe stuff like this is a little easier to find for me, but I have never seen a Matsumoku built Aria ever! I know knock-off guitars are a little, ehhhh, but this thing is built like no other. There’s some dings in the frets like it fell on it’s face at some point, perhaps that can be addressed. I paid dollars for it, and that’s the best sound dollars I’ve ever spent.

I always wanted a Tele, but I have too many guitars as it is.

Alvarez is one of the leading acoustic guitar brands in the U.S.A. and around the world.

I was thinking of buying a Fender Strat that I saw in the music store but it only had 21 frets, and my brother who knew even less about electric guitars than I do, kept nagging me to buy the Aria Pro II so I did. Its bridge though is a bit similar to a Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge, minus the locks. The strings would then go out of tune if the tremolo is used heavily.

I played in heavy metal bands so I did lots of dive bombs and the guitar would go out of tune every time I did one so I had to re-tune the guitar after every song or in the middle of a song if I could. It has two single coil pickups and a humbucking pickup at the bridge. And it sounds like that regardless of what amplifier is used. It has a five-position pickup When I bought the guitar, its action was too high making the strings hard to play. I had to make lots of adjustments with the truss rod and the bridge to make the strings at least playable.

This guitar is probably so bad, even its maker Aria, had all information about it stricken off their records. I changed the bridge to a Floyd Rose Licensed double-locking tremolo system and its playability just got worse.

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She has 3 main guitars which include a Swarovski encrusted Taylor GS6 which was mainly decorated for a video shoots, a custom All Koa psga (AAA koa top, Florentine cutaway and “taylor” fretboard inlay), and a K65ce “taylor” fretbboard inlay.

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Matsumoku Industrial was contracted to build its sewing machine cabinets, and in , became a partially owned subsidiary of Singer, Japan. Matsumoku also built amplifier cabinets, speaker boxes and wooden cabinets for audio and television makers. Production Cutler Headstock Label in Westone soundhole By the mid s, Matsumoku began to look into other woodworking markets and, as it had on its staff several skilled luthiers , ventured into guitar and violin production.

Modest classical guitars , small steel stringed acoustic guitars , and violins were built and marketed.

The Aria Pro II was a five string electric bass. One of the finish options was metallic purple.

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They can be viewed and played, by request, before purchase. My goal is to collect the highest quality vintage Japanese replicas of the best known guitars. I only have top condition, high end guitars, and every guitar is fully guaranteed.

Aria Pro II Ventures Bob Bogle Bass Here is another Ventures / Bob Bogle bass, this one from about This bass is actually quite similar to the SB-JR model but with Seymour Duncan pickups and AP custom and The Ventures logo on the headstock.

I will post about basses that were owned by famous players and that have come up for sale or are on display in places like the Hard Rock Cafe. I have tried to contact the current owner for more details but haven’t had much luck yet. If you’re reading this, talk to me! This bass first came up for sale on eBay a couple of years ago. A lot of people were skeptical because of the high price and also the fact that people only recognized Cliff’s Black ‘n’ Gold which had oval inlays and gold hardware.

He may even have recorded Master of Puppets with this bass. It is definitely not a re-issue as the finish, hardware and parts are all consistent with The finish is more of a very dark green when viewed in direct sunlight which is consistent with the black finishes Aria used in that period. Black Aria Re-Issue basses are more of a true black finish.

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What I find most interesting of all, is the extremity of opposing views on the early Korean Squier Stratocasters, first produced in Some say they were excellent; some say they were absolute rubbish. Very few guitars have polarised opinion in quite such a fashion on the basis of their quality. Lake Placid Blue was one of just four colours in which the original Korean Squier Strats were available. A quarter of a century is a long time.

Not only that, but these inexpensive instruments have often changed hands numerous times.

ARIA PRO II GUITARS MADE IN JAPAN. Aria Pro II VM 40th Anniv. Ventures Model & OHSC – Guitar # $2, Aria Pro II PE-R80 Guitar # $1, Aria Pro II PE-R80 SHACHI TAKE Guitar # $2, s Aria Pro II CS Guitar # $

Spanish guitarist and composer Gaspar Sanz was exposed to this new style when he went to Italy to study organ and guitar. He then returned home and published the first collection of mixed rasgueado strummend and punteado plucked guitar solos in Spain in Sanz’s Folia is the quintessential baroque form: This particular piece has a very unusual feature: This seems to be some sort of performance direction, perhaps indicating that this passage should have a faster tempo, which alludes to the wilder roots of the folia in Spain.

LP R and as a hifitape stereo tape r 4-track 7,5 ips Duration of Folia: His Folias – a dance theme, three variations, and da capo return – is kin to the famous tune, sometimes called Folies d’Espagne, which was used for variations by a host of composers from Frescobaldi, Corelli, Vivaldi, Pasquilli and Marais to Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Folia Released by Delta Music compact disc 14 Duration:

Aria Pro II STG-003