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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Grovesteen and Truslow Square Grand Piano. Serial number suggests dating of this piano to approximately Cabinet had been refinished at some point in the past, but it needs a complete ‘going over’. Interesting design with candle stick frets built into the cabinet on the right and left sides of the keyboard I’ve listed and sold a half dozen squares on Ebay and this is the first time I’ve seen this feature Ornate design – looks complete but t is no bench or stool. No warranties – what you see is what is included – sold as is. My assumption is that the sound board is representative for a piano of this age which means t are probably slight hairline ‘character’ cracks Friday, April 4th – This is an added comment, as I’ve already had a number of questions about this piano- “What would it take to get it playing”? Nearly all the strings are some degree of loose – but it makes a sound when the keys are struck – so you could probably have someone tune it and it would play – but it would not sound very good

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A trellised front entrance opens into an intimate lobby space, where a mish mash of antiques, art and shabby-chic furnishings mix. Cosy hallways with colourful carpeting and painted murals and artwork on the walls lead toward the guest suites, or you can step out into the grassy rooftop garden for fresh air, flowers and a saltwater pool. Read the full review: C Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Inside an all-white, high-rise building, this boutique hotel exudes class.

A baby grand piano, overstuffed sofas and marble floors adorn the lobby. Outside, rose bushes and California citrus trees bloom on landscaped grounds that are hidden from the street by a high wall, making it almost like a private retreat.

This is a stunning white on white (more of an off-white, or vanilla) embroidered silk piano scarf/shawl. In excellent condition. Main body of scarf is 43″ X 43″, not including the bordered fringe.

This item has been sold Sold by: Tilston Antiques Description This is an antique Chinese embroidered silk piano or Cantonese shawl dating from the late 19th century or early 20th century and all hand embroidered in coloured silks on a cream silk background. The colours are as vibrant as the day this was painstakingly created by hand. The four large scenes are surrounded by birds and foliage and there is a small border of flowers and birds surrounding the main block.

There is a lovely silk fringe which is all intact. The condition of this beautiful shawl is very good with storage related spotting mostly around the edges see pics with one or two slightly larger marks amongst the embroidery. I have shown a sample of marks including the two larger marks. The silk is in good strong condition with no splits, tears or damage other than the spotting mentioned earlier.

Pianist Byron Janis – the spirit of an American Idol

They really went above and beyond in putting together terrific prizes to help give back to the needlework community with some really special gifts! Delicate hand-crafted, heirloom quality scissors in their own wooden case, created by Jean Marie Roulot in Nogent, France, and offered to one happy winner by The French Needle.

The Final Installment! My love of beautiful embroidery tools was slow developing. Once upon a time, to me, a tool was just that — a tool — and if it worked well and did what I wanted, I liked it. During this period of somewhat dull practicality in my life, I never really concerned myself with the decorative aspect of embroidery tools.

Tour de Force Canton hand embroidered piano shawl, skillfully done in vibrant design elements in florals and birds dating to the early 20th century. Finest quality tight and dense embroidery in colorful and vibrant silk floss on a white ground, with knotted long fringe on four sides.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change?

Has there been too much?

1920s Style Shawls, Wraps, Scarves

Congratulations on your recent wedding, you looked stunning! Tell us how and why you chose your GLL gown? With Pinterest being a key research tool, I had the Josee gown campaign image saved for inspiration. Quite simply I became obsessed with this image — the woman had long wavy hair, an Indian style draped belt on the beach. One day, I came across the same image with the actual link to Grace loves Lace, and as soon as I knew the brand I kept it saved.

Dating back to the 19th century, these utilitarian carts—often pulled by a pair of mighty oxen—were once used to haul coffee beans, sugar cane and tobacco from fields to market. Today, the artisan community of Sarchí honors that tradition by crafting miniature oxcarts and painting them in .

This textile is usually only found in historic books, museums or antique homes that one would tour This extraordinary and rare Candlewick Spread is almost years old. Because of the age, one can understand why there are so few of these in existence. Created with cotton thread on a very fine linen fabric; the handwork is breathtakingly beautiful. The body of the spread is in perfect condition. The fishnet edging needs some restoration, which we can do.

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Click to Enlarge Of all the Vale towns and villages, Jamestown is the only one whose identity is under threat from within the Vale. The main culprit was the building of the Haldane which very much blurred the boundaries of the village, but in recent years estate agents have not helped either, with properties in what has been Jamestown for years periodically advertised as being in Balloch.

Does any of this matter? Well you would like to think that accuracy always matters. But of equal importance is that local identity is fundamental to the well being of every community.

Antique Rare Superb Italian Milanese Lace Panel Dating To The 17th Century SOLD Read more; Antique Rare White Hand French Chantilly Lace Shawl Antique Tree Of Life Embroidered Stole Shawl On Pina Cloth SOLD Read more; Antique Vibrant Lavishly Embroidered Canton Piano Shawl SOLD Read more; c. Antique Crazy Quilt with Two Crazy Shams.

You won’t believe these 10 facts about people A piano shawl is a large square or rectangular piece of fabric that is used to decorate the top surface of a grand piano. It serves the practical purpose of protecting the piano from nicks, scratches, and the elements. However, many such shawls are quite elaborate and also serve as decoration. Piano shawls are very often heavily embroidered with bold colors and patterns.

The patterns often incorporate flowers or nature scenes. It is also quite common for them to be edged in long fringe. Not only does the fringe look exquisite, but it also helps to drape the shawl evenly over the piano. Piano shawls are generally made of thick silk. This fabric glides naturally onto the surface of a piano and is kept in place by its natural weight as well as the weight of the embroidery.

They became quite popular in the Victorian era when having a piano in one’s parlor was considered to be at the height of sophistication.


From a little mound here in the plain issues a broad stream of limpid water and forms a large shallow pool, and then rushes furiously onward, augmented in volume. This puddle is an important source of the Jordan. Its banks, and those of the brook are respectably adorned with blooming oleanders, but the unutterable beauty of the spot will not throw a well-balanced man into convulsions, as the Syrian books of travel would lead one to suppose.

From the spot I am speaking of, a cannon-ball would carry beyond the confines of Holy Land and light upon profane ground three miles away.

Used in Victorian parlors to hold shawls on top of pianos, Piano Babies became very popular and today an original Heubach piano baby can fetch up to $ Gebruder Heubach is not to be confused with Ernst Heubach of Koppelsdorf, Germany, who also made porcelain items and dolls.

The eminent Pianist Byron Janis is the real deal when it comes to the stuff American legends, are made of. Not unlike the Hollywood stars of the fifties and sixties, famed classical musicians have historically been part of the cultural stimulus, presented by talk show hosts like Johnny Carson, and featured prominently in the public eye. Returning to Pittsburgh, Janis played the great romantic piece again, with then fourteen-year-old Lorin Maazel as conductor.

As fait would have it, Vladimir Horowitz was in the audience for that performance, and invited Janis to play for him in New York. Yet Horowitz also made it clear that he meant to guide, but not totally indoctrinate Janis to the point of imitation: The mentorship ended in an almost Oedipal affair between year-old Janis and Wanda, who had struggled in her marriage to closeted, yet famously gay Horowitz.

Byron Janis, an enormously gifted pianist from America. In the CD version won the Cannes award for best Reissue.


The Hammer Building houses the Chinese and Korean collections. Islamic art[ edit ] The museum’s Islamic galleries include over works from ceramics and inlaid metalwork to enameled glass, carved stone and wood, and arts of the book from manuscript illumination to Islamic calligraphy. The collection is especially strong in Persian and Turkish glazed pottery and tiles, glass, and arts of the book.

The collection began in earnest in when the Nasli M. Heeramaneck Collection was gifted to the museum.

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Yarn A hank of wool yarn center is uncoiled into its basic loop. A tie is visible at the left; after untying, the hank may be wound into a ball or balls suitable for crocheting. Crocheting from a normal hank directly is likely to tangle the yarn, producing snarls. Yarn for crochet is usually sold as balls or skeins hanks , although it may also be wound on spools or cones. Skeins and balls are generally sold with a yarn band, a label that describes the yarn’s weight , length, dye lot, fiber content, washing instructions, suggested needle size, likely gauge, etc.

It is a common practice to save the yarn band for future reference, especially if additional skeins must be purchased. Crocheters generally ensure that the yarn for a project comes from a single dye lot. The dye lot specifies a group of skeins that were dyed together and thus have precisely the same color; skeins from different dye lots, even if very similar in color, are usually slightly different and may produce a visible stripe when added onto existing work.

If insufficient yarn of a single dye lot is bought to complete a project, additional skeins of the same dye lot can sometimes be obtained from other yarn stores or online. The thickness or weight of the yarn is a significant factor in determining how many stitches and rows are required to cover a given area for a given stitch pattern. This is also termed the gauge. Thicker yarns generally require large-diameter crochet hooks, whereas thinner yarns may be crocheted with thick or thin hooks.

Hence, thicker yarns generally require fewer stitches, and therefore less time, to work up a given project. The recommended gauge for a given ball of yarn can be found on the label that surrounds the skein when buying in stores.

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