List of useful console commands

Add a Survivor Bot. Force intensity of selected SurvivorBot to maximum level. Which bots to use for dumping: Take control of a bot. When playing back, show the directions of look events. When moving, show the end location. Show when a vcd is playing but normal AI is running. Selects areas with the given attribute. Gives the game time in seconds server’s curtime setang: Adds a new user info value setmaster:

Day of Defeat: Source SDK

Hello all, Introduction Since this is my first blog here, let me start with a small introduction as to who I am. My name is Niels, 28 years old and born in The Netherlands. I’ve been playing CS since I think beta 5.

Matchmaking: blocking relationships do not prevent direct server joins, they only filter during matchmaking – sv_pure: VPK files contain the necessary hashes so the dedicated servers do not need to compute them at startup but can be checked with the command “sv_pure_checkvpk”.

Odds are, there are more people playing today than there were playing yesterday. It, like its predecessor, is quite simply a global phenomenon, originally created by and now sustained by the gaming community. Source is a remake of Counter-Strike, and consequently retains all of its team-based objective-oriented first-person-shooter style gameplay.

S is a must-have for every action gamer. Global Offensive received its first major patch on day one of release adding a zombie model that will be used in the Zombie mod, which will be playable with CS: It also added a weapons course, which provides basic training in CS: GO’s guns and gadgets and also cleans up the UI a bit. Check out the full patch notes: It used to obscure the friends list and a little of the chat.

Now it only obscures the friends list.

CS:GO update released

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Dec 22,  · Hello there! I came up with a strange issue here. One friend who manages my css private server (matchmaking, scrims, mixes, etc.) told me that sometimes he and his buddies had consecutive fps drops (I mean mostly in places where they expect to have or fps for example, but they have 80 or 69).

Server browser now starts centered onscreen when it opens up. Filter panel now starts expanded, instead of hidden. Added a warning dialog that pops up to warn players joining games with more than the recommended number of players. Added a “max player count” filter setting. Mouseover the checkbox now explains the simplified list in the status bar. Quicklist now shows the number of other servers running each map. Fixed a couple of bugs related to toggling the quick list, which were resulting in you needing to refresh again.

Team Fortress 2 Added missing earbud particles for DX8 players. Fixed unlockable items not being visible. Stopped “player is carrying X” messages looping forever.

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Blade on March 25, , The “competitive” community is entirely policed and kept together by the community itself. So this creates a large amount of problems on top of the ones the game already has. On top of the randomness, we have no standard, no rules, nothing that other “serious” games take for granted. Hacking is something prevalent with all games but there’s so much you can do to gain an advantage over another person in this game specifically.

The caring issue is something interesting that’s worth talking about.

Jun 30,  · Meanwhile, statistical tracking improvements to matchmaking are being made with Valve keen to show the comparison of different skill levels of players in .

David Veselka 36 Share this: Global Offensive beta gets a substantial update as developers prepare to open the beta up to those who pre-purchase. GO on Steam will gain access to the beta, according to an official blog post. Below is a list of recent updates that went live yesterday, August Gameplay The max penetration distance has been increased to 7.

Maps Dust 2 Extended fade distance on mid-barrels to prevent double door snipers from seeing through them. GetBool This prevents players from changing their settings during a non-cheat enabled game but allows them to tweak them during a cheat enabled game. UI Now accommodates 24 players. Scoreboard no longer hides all other UI elements.

Fixed Z order for a variety of panels which now allows the chat to draw on top of the scoreboard. MVP stars are now broken out in the scoreboard. Added dollar signs to the scoreboard elements that are represented in dollars. Fixed other players showing your local clan tag on their target id name. The server name now shows in the scoreboard.

CS:GO Console Commands

Nomad November 16th, Below is the change log for today’s update. Changed X-Ray toggle key from hardcoded ‘X’ to whatever is bound for “radio2”, which defaults to ‘X’. Made bomb visible in GOTV clients’ map overview at all times. Fixed money not showing up in GOTV scoreboard for either teams. Fixed flashbang effect flash retriggering when changing spectator target.

Just put the vpk in custom folder in tf you can change mat_phong on a server or do a mat_reloadallmaterials on a single player server only on valve servers and ones without sv_pure includes players, weapon, buildings, and halloween chams. spawn doors are transparent. sniper scope removed. hand models removed some particles and effects fixed [ ].

You told me to relax, there was no pressure, it might take weeks or months for you to find my perfect match. The next week, you introduced me to William. I have to say she is far more than I had hoped for! I think at this juncture, at least for me, it looks quite promising. We will likely meet again for another dinner date next week. We both thank you Noreen. You immediately took me under your wing and made me feel like everything would be okay. You introduced me to Kate and found me a job within a week.

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Complete list of console commands/S

Hey lads, So the long-lasting 1. Quite a few changes have occurred! We’ll be going in to beta for this one to ensure things are stable as a lot of things have changed under-the-hood. Let’s go through a bit of history Over the years people have given great passionate feedback about their balancing concerns. This has been both exciting to see and also a very fine line to walk as everyone has a different perspective. We started with just one “Reflex” and modified the game accordingly.

Material hacks circumvent sv_pure and/or vac. Aimbots circumvent sv_pure and/or vac. Wallhacks do the same. Your files circumvent sv_pure and/or valve-imposed limitations in competitive matchmaking. It’s cheating at worst and exploitation at best.

Timeline With how long Team Fortress 2 has been around, and with how many updates it received, it shouldn’t be surprising that the fanbase can get pretty divisive about how the things are changing. One of the earliest examples was Valve removing Friendly Fire. This really hurt the Spy class as it took spy checking, formerly something that took a modicum of skill and attention, and turned it into “shoot every player you see no matter what”.

On the other hand, it became far harder to intentionally kill your teammates. Another prominent example is whether or not class limits should be enforced in the entire game. Many people desperately wish for a way to enforce class diversity in their teams while others say it takes the fun out of the game. Merasmus kicks this up a notch.

He has over one hundred thousand HP, meaning that both sides absolutely must work together to bring him down. Even if everybody cooperates, you’ll always wind up having that one guy who kills anybody trying to get to the end of the island. This infuriates many players, even those that were on the guy’s team. Some servers easily sidestep this problem by turning off the ability for the players to attack one another while Merasmus is active.

This doesn’t apply to the Halloween Payload maps, only King of the Hill ones, presumably because only one boss is exclusive to a Payload map, and it doesn’t have any unlockable items.

[TF2] Jungle Update Live now!

I have a question – what do you actually ever use viewmodels for, in a perfect world? Do you use a clunky crosshair switcher to have them enabled for melee weapons so you can time your swings? Do you wish you could have them for throwable items like Jarate, Mad Milk, Sandviches, and more, but not have them for things like the Pistol? Do you wish you could enable viewmodels for your inspect animations so you can show off ur l33t 5k1n5 but have them turn back off as soon as you need them to?

But mainly, do you want them to just get the hell out of the way when you’re playing the official Competitive Mode?

Jan 20,  · I’ve been having this issue for months in my dorm. I believe its the internet here, but im unsure. I use wifi. CS:go works without problems, but once a week i get stuck while loading at “Sending client info”. A restart fixes. For dota2, a restart used to fix the problem. I tried +clientport and reinstalling from scratch. I am playing on an i5 hd laptop.

Just running a profitable business is not enough for them. They only want startups that have a chance to be grand-slam home runs. Paul Graham has written about this before. The requirement to live there for 3 months is a useful filter for finding that type of founder. It eliminates people who might want to have something else like their kids in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd slot. I don’t expect YC to ever say that out loud though. It kinda came across like you were implying that founders with families were mostly only interested in “lifestyle businesses”.

There are so many factors that contribute to success, and they are never all equal, so any sort of up-front filtering based on some factor you think is correlated with success is going to miss out on people. And besides, I would strongly dispute any arguments that having a family is like some sort of handicap that must be overcome. My impression from reading YC’s stuff is more that folks feel the value of the program comes to a large degree from the in-person interactions people have, so it makes sense to require people to be there in person.

Related, there’s this scene from Moneyball, [1] that I love. It’s very tempting and natural bias to latch on to this or that factor which you’ve become convinced makes a difference “all else being equal”. But all else is never equal, and the question that is actually important is more the one Billy Beane keeps asking:

CS:GO update with molotov changes

Jeff Crandall Background and objective: Abrupt accelerations or decelerations can cause large strain in brain tissues and, consequently, different forms of Traumatic Brain Injury TBI. In order to predict the effect of the accelerations on the soft tissues of the brain, many different injury metrics have been proposed typically, an injury metric is a real valued functional of the accelerations.

Disabled sv_pure on listen servers. Fixed an sv_pure bug that resulted in false inconsistent MD5s Increased search iterations and time delay for keeping sessions in the ignored pool. mm_ignored_sessions_reset can now reset the ignored pool.

Cheers to Couch and Voogru, they both have good servers. Levich Anybody notice that tomorrow is Jo’s th comic? Flashkirby99 about 9 years ago I always think that in games that try to ‘match player skillz’, some skilled player could always exploit it by making a new ‘Beginner’ account and beat the crap out of all the players of ‘similiar skill’ for a couple of laughs. Manta about 9 years ago P2P fails because you never have any connection with the people you play with, it’s different each time and players are just a list of faceless names.

Servers fail because the majority of the admins cannot resist adding mods to “improve” the game. Also I’m not sure that they are from UT. There was Blue and Red teams, but not green. Zak Canard about 9 years ago Chibi Medic’s definitely sitting on the bar, it’s just th edge of it is obscured by photo notes. Nick Mangiaracina about 9 years ago Thanks for the plug, Nerf!

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In other words, each class can only be played by one person on each team. Critical hits Random crits are disabled. Damage spread Damage spread is disabled. This means that damage randomization is removed, but damage ramp-up and falloff based on distance still occurs. Note that after the July 2, patch The Gun Mettle Update , damage spread defaults to off on all games. Fixed weapon spread is enabled.

Nov 20,  · I would assume that people and the matchmaking system won’t be looking for what is set as a co-op server when they’re searching for a versus server. The server accepts the made modes the lobby leader sets.

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